Staff Wellbeing 

Whether you work in a school, charity or corporate business, in order for your organisation to thrive from within, your staff need to be equipped with the tools to look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

A mentally healthy workforce creates a sense of passion, resilience and purpose, which in turn reduces sick leave, increases productivity and enhances employee engagement.

To get the best out of your staff, why not take advantage of our practical Staff Wellbeing workshops? Prepare to be motivated, energised and inspired as we affirm that it's actually 'okay to not be okay', explore what mental health is, and find ways to develop a consistent wellbeing practice across your organisation, whilst empowering your employees with mindful coping strategies.

Here's what one of our recent participants had to say:

"Great workshop Nicola! The staff found the coping strategies and mindfulness tools really useful. We can't wait to have you in again to work with the pupils." Mrs S. Malik, Deputy Head Teacher, Yeading  Infant and Nursery School (Staff Wellbeing INSET)

We have experience of delivering sessions in a variety of settings. Most notably, we have delivered tailored mental health and wellbeing sessions at the University of Brighton, Caledonian Club and the British Film Institute

To find out more and to book a session, please get in touch.


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